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    We take the "i" out of team so you can focus on supporting your clients. Let our Talented Office Support Team help you with your office needs!

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    No Hassle, No Monthly Obligation! Let us help you grow your business at an affordable Hourly Rate. Use Our Office Support Service when needed.


How does having a Talent Solution staff help your Small Business?

A Talent Office Solution staff can help your Small Business with a variety of support for the back-end side of your business. Meanwhile you focus on your clients.

Talent Office Support
A Team That Stands With You

We offer Administrative, General Bookkeeping, Bill Collection to general office task for your Business.

Call Answering
Live Answering Service to Help with Sales Calls or Customer inquiries

Need help with answering Sales questions? We help with sales, and customer service

Office Support
We help you with your Office Needs

Most small business don't have time to keep up with Office duties. Let us help you with your back office duties while you stay focus on the job on hand.

Recruiting Strategy to help find more Candidates

We use Social Recruiting Strategies to help you hire.

Need a Staff On Site?

We will help you find the right Candidate either onsite or off site. You can even Post jobs for free.

Office Duties
Is Behind Let Us Help You Get Back In Order

We help you get back on track. No Hassle hire when needed

Vig Desk is a Telant Office Solution

Vig Desk will Help you with your day-to-day operation to help you with any Task.

A Talent Office Solution staff can help your Small Business with a variety of support for the back-end side of your business. Let’s say you are a busy Home Repair Contractor, or you are in the Medical industry, or just a freelancer that needs help. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. You just need someone to answer your calls, book your appointments, handle your busy sales line, data entry, contact your leads, handle basic collection matters, or set up your website. We can help you with these services. Pick up the phone and call us at 877-211-3358.

On the other hand if you are looking for a full time person to help you in the office let one of our Talent Recruiter help you fill any position you need. We are the assistant to the assistant that help you narrow down your recruiting criteria and needs.

Our services is a Multi Talent Agency that is set up to help Small Business Owners.

Technologies we use:

Vig Desk is a Telant Office Solution
Vig Desk

Small Business Talent Solution Office Support Teams

Having a Staff that back you is all you need. We take the "i" out of team.

Talent Office Support Solution

Vig Desk is a Multi Service support team that provide office support to Business at an affordable hourly rate. It’s simple to hire us when you need us and when you don’t need us just end the assignment. The reason why we do our business this way it keeps down the overhead cost for your business and we know that if we do a good job at your office task you will use our service again. So no hassle. We are your Virtual Office Support Team when needed.


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FAQ About Our Talent Office Solution

  • How do I Find out more? It's simple to find out more. Call us or email us with any questions you have at 877-211-3358, email: info@vigdesk.com.
  • What is the hourly rate for your service? We charge an affordable hourly rate to fit your budget. Our hourly rate is very affordable and it varies base on the type of work you need done. The best thing to do is to fill out the "Contact Us" form. call us at 877-211-3358 or email us at info@vigdesk.com
  • How long does it take for a project to be quoted? You can expect to hear back from us within less than 24 hours. However the fastest way to get a quote is via email or phone call.
  • How many years of experience do you have working in an office? I have more than 15 years of office experience. And I can provide a variety of office support which includes the following skills Ms Office, IT Support such as Help Desk with a strong technical background that includes basic Web Design, Web Maintenance, Customer Service, Basic Bookkeeping, Bill Collection, Administrative Task, in the following industries: Construction, Hospitality industry like Waiter, and Waitress, any size corporation small to mid size or large corporation we can provide our services to.
  • What is the services you offer? We offer Administrative Service, Customer Service, Live Answering Service, Sales Calls answering question, Following up with your customers, Calendar Management, Web Maintenance, Web design, Social Media support, Research Assistants, any office support you need.
  • and much more...

Bring your Office Support Need to Vig Desk.

With the right privilege and the perfect connection, you can do anything. Even with all the right connection and privilege, you get overwhelmed to meet all your contractual expectation and still need a service base Solution to help you narrow things down. Let us help you with a bird's eye view. We will help you combine focus to shorten the operation process and decision making to narrow down to the best talent solution to help with an innovative strategic solution to your staffing needs.

Start Your Office Search With a Talent Recruiting Solution With Vig Desk Today

Do you have unhappy Clients? Because you may have submitted the wrong candidate for the wrong job. Do you find yourself in a situation where the wrong candidates are getting submitted to the wrong job because they may not meet location requirement or skill requirements? Customer interaction is important and sometimes just looking at a resume is not enough. You need to speak with the candidates to know what best staffing solution works for them. Or if they meet the job requirements you are submitting them for. There are two levels of service that you have to provide and sometimes you just don't have the time to speak with everyone. One level of service requires face to face interaction while another level of service requires going through thousandths of candidates to ensure they meet the requirements of upper-level management. The other level of service requires digital communication not to include the day-to-day operation of your office need. Your clients expect you to meet all these services by being available when they want to reach you. Our Recruiting Marketing Talent Solution Support can help you manage your level of service. Start Your Service With Vig Desk today.

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