How does having a Talent Marketing Solution staff help your Small Business?

We help you fill position without having a contract that commit you to the normal hiring process. You pay as you use our services.

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Vig Desk Staffing Solution

Vig Desk can help you with your day-to-day operation with a pay as you go solution.

When you sign up with Vig Desk. We handle your recruiting and hiring. Our pay as you go staffing solution allows you to pay for a one-time recruiting cost when we find someone to fill your job and from there you hire our staff as you need us remotely. Never having staff in the office.

Hiring us remote keeps the overhead cost down meanwhile keeping a professional look to your business.

To begin all you have to do is to connect with a Team that works with you to learn your recruiting objective. No matter if you are a huge global brand or a growing startup. Our Team can help you, hire and Recruit Talents as you need to. We can help you customize your recruiting needs to hone in on the talent you are looking for. For that just for now project.

Contact us to find out more about our Talent Marketing Solution. Need to speak with someone now? Just call us at 551-292-8761 or start a live video call by clicking here.

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Vig Desk Staffing Solution
Vig Desk

The Economy Ecosystem depends on a flow of Jobs

Having a Staff that back you is all you need. We take the "i" out of team.

Problem We Face

Worldwide there is a variety of job sectors that makes our economy flow which should bring about a balance Economic Ecosystem. The problem we face is. There isn’t enough successful business that are selling their products and services successfully for a variety of reasons.  One other reason for this is people need to have money to spend money. If the people don’t have enough money they cannot spend it and the balanced Ecosystem is thrown off.

For a healthy job market to occur there has to be a balanced flow of jobs from different sectors. Not one sector is more meaningful than the other. We must have a flow of money being made. This way we can put money back into the community.


The solution to this problem is to create more options for people to work and use their skills remotely or on the job. Most important having multiple stream of ways to earn income.  By creating more opportunity to connect to jobs. By allowing people to use their skills. With Vig Desk business owners do not have to hire full time employees they use them when they need.

Creating more flexibility for work and making it more affordable for a business.

Vig Desk

Bring your Talent Recruiting Need to Vig Desk.

With the right privilege and the perfect connection. You can do anything! Even with all the right connection and privilege. You are overwhelmed to meet all your contractual expectation. And still you need a service base solution to help you get the work done. Let us help you with a bird's eye view. We will help you combine focus to shorten the operation process and decision making to narrow down to the best talent solution to help with an innovative strategic solution to your staffing needs.

Pay as you go Staffing Solution

Do you have unhappy Clients? Because you can't finish the work. You have so much that you are overwhelmed? That is where Vig Desk comes in to help you handle all this privilege you have. Share the wealth why don't you. By allowing Vig Desk to handle the hiring and the work for you.

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