Well Beyond a Phone Answering Service!

Inbound calls is how you keep your customers happy. Someone is there to answer questions, concerns, handle basic administrative duties. That is why Vig Desk is well beyond a Phone Answering Service.

What is a Remote Support?

A Virtual Office Support team provides office support remotely. This support could be in the range of Phone Answering, Technical Support and Administrative Support. Our Virtual Admin works remotely for you so you could keep cost low. Virtual Admin handle just about any office duties at an affordable hourly price.

Cost and Service?

If you receive more than 1000 calls per day? We can help you answer about 30 - 50 calls per person via inbound calls, with live chat, text or email. The price to set up the system to manage your call is a fixed price, and no contracts. The cost to manage your administrative duties and to answer your customers can be customized to fit your business needs. Call us today to find out more?

Have Concern?

Most phone system provide a way to track call volume. This way you don't if not needed. Have other concerns about hiring a remote Support Team to handle your customer. We are U.S Base Company but provide support remotely just about anywhere in the world. With the services we provide you can monitor our call and our services this way we can fit your brand. We welcome feedback on our service so we can tweak every aspect of our support to your needs.

We Are Not Just Another Answering Service

Our Virtual Team is on your side, if you don't like our service just quit us there is not contract. We are on stand by to answer calls to help support your back office needs remotely. We provide help with Administrative Task, Billing questions, Bookkeeping, Call Answering and Web Support Service like Chat, eMails Correspondence, and Technical Issues relating to 1st Level Help Desk Support for software installation and some hardware issues that can be solved over the phone.

Phone Answering Service

Never miss a Call Again! Cost affective friendly phone support Tailored to you business model to support you, your customers, while you are on the road or working on a project, or even trying to get new customers. We would be here to handle your current Customers 24/7/365. We can handle your customer calls interaction and correspond with your customers for you.

What can a Inbound Phone Answering Service could do for you?

An Inbound Phone Answering Support service could do just about anything a your need as we are not just a answering service but a remote onsite office support team set up to cater to you needs. Meanwhile keeping overhead cost low. Many Small Business owners get overwhelmed with the back-end office task, and they just avoid doing office work because they just don't have the time. That is when you should reach out for help.

Digital Solutions

Let's get to the niddy gritty of things!

We Are Here To Help You Grow Your Business!

In this day and age everything is done online. Most company are forced to open remotely.  It doesn’t matter what industry you are in everyone needs Call Center Support, and Phone Answering Service.

Is forecasting, reporting matrix something you need for your business? This way you can see when you really need to hire support. In the first couple of months we can create a structure of reporting to help you with your hiring process. This way, going forward, you know when to hire.

At this point, is where we come in to provide a well round team and system that will help you not just with reporting but with the actual work.

As we stated, we don’t just want to provide Customer Service, we want to provide quality Customer Service that extend well beyond your regular Phone Support.

We will create a SLA to support every aspect of your business by addressing what your business really need most, and only for the amount of time your business needs this service. This way, your overhead cost is very low, and you get the service only when you customers call.

Some of the services we offer are:

Technologies we use:

Digital Solutions

Friendly Support Solution Tailored To Your Business Needs!

24/7 live call answering, office support service, calls answered service in your business name, no contract, no hidden fees, and a service tailored to just about any business.

Our success is measured by you!

A Support Team You Can Count On!

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