We offer Non-Profit Web Design For Small Business

Don’t get discourage. Having a business in this growing and ever changing technology era with Social Media, Search Engine Marketing it can be difficult. In this new era of technology you are in a new dimensional realm that is in over your head where you are not familiar. We know how it feels. We had to start from the bottom too. That is why Vig Desk will provide support to small business where we will take care of you by providing support for your Social Media Branding, SEO Marketing and Web Design to get you started. We will provide Web Design for Small Business startups that is just starting out their new business and need help growing their business via the web.

How can we help Small Business?

Vig Desk is associated to a Non-Profit organization called Wow Network. You can look them up on the State of New Jersey if you like. We help small business owner convert their Product and Services digitally to the web. This Non-Profit Organization will work with any small business to help them grow. It is really simple to begin. All you have to do is have a legally formed corporation, with a tax ID with the State you are located in and we can verify your legal entity and a slew of support is here for you.

If funds are an issue?

Don’t worry, that is why we work with a Non-Profit to help you grow your business. If funds is an issue. We provide a standard web design package to help you get started to get you on the web. We also help with digital marketing which could be costly.  Not to worry.

We are proud of you. Taking the step to grow your business.

You are also joining a Team of like minded people who is here to help you grow and develop your brand.

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