Our Approach

Vig Desk is a Multi Service provider that provides support in the area of Remote Administrative, and Staffing Solutions to Small Business. These services are on a day-to-day basis. Making it more affordable for Small Business to hire Office Support Staff.

How does having a Talent Solution staff help your Small Business?

A Talent Office Solution staff can help your Small Business with a variety of support for the back-end side of your business. This means if you are looking for Clerical Assistant, Admin Support, Call Answering to finding a General Contractor. We can help you. We support Small Business in a way that is affordable to their overhead cost.

Meanwhile you focus on your clients. Our objective is to provide a balance in the recruiting process on both the spectrum when it comes to finding the right candidate meanwhile helping the candidate find a job.

Our Mission is "Creating a "Eco-friendly," group of People who stand to make a functional Ecosystem for development and growth of our economy," is the philosophy behind our brand.

Our idea on things is. We know where we stand either "Product" or "Service" and we stand in the business of "Service." "Yes we are creators too but created to serve people."

Our approach is to connect people with employers, our Agency is matching smart people with great jobs, from Virtual Office Assistant, Bookkeeping, to work from home Customer Service position, Executive Assistant office jobs, to IT Support jobs, General Contractors jobs, Waiters and Waitresses jobs. There is no exclusion to what field we would provide an opportunity to you for.

Our "motto" is everyone is built for their own tribe. When you have a skill you locate your tribe. From there you will be able to fit in with people who appreciate you.

With that said, we strive on innovative technologies and tools to keep us progressive and passionate while providing you with the best experience possible when looking for your next place of employment either remote on in a office environment.




Our Story

Every business has a beginning it begin with wanting to see people progress and NOT limited. It begins with people finding their place in this life, it begins with knowing everyone has value, it begins with giving people a chance to be progressive. It begins with you. We created this opportunity to motivate like minded people to strive, what is your motivation? Product or service there is not less of the two we all work together for one conclusion. Giving everyone a chance to have an opportunity to take care of themselves and their families. That is change.

Who we are?

 People who make your business go or your philosophy behind our brand.

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Kat Vig

Founder & CEO


Cam P

Vice President

Sales and Marketing

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